Every electronics and software application project is unique but some questions and concerns come up regularly.  Here we’ll provide a few HOWTOs that will be useful to anyone looking to embark on the creation of a new device or product, whether you call on us for consulting services or not.

Though the topics may be technical, we’ll try to keep the HOWTOs informative without drowning in jargon of getting lost on technicalities.  Enjoy!

HowTo GuidesDevelop a Concept into a Product

The first, and potentially most important, HOWTO goes over the three most important steps for creating a great product.


Select the Best Technology

All you really need to get started is to go over the first HOWTO, above, and to complete the three steps described.  But if you want a real idea of the technical direction the project might take, or are simply curious about what tech options are out there, have a look at the Selecting the Optimal Technology HOWTO.


… and that’s it for now.  If you have specific questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch.