This HOWTO covers selecting the right technology for your electronics or software application.

Choosing the best tech to use for a particular case can be a daunting task and we can definitely help you out.  Unless there is a very specific reason for settling on some particular piece of technology, selecting the right platform, chips, support components or SDK should normally be left to one of the final steps of the elaboration of your plan for a great product.

This is because the best choice of tech for a particular role depends on more than simply the capabilities of the software or device.  The selection should also be made while:

Still, it can be of interest to get an idea of the what’s out there and the pros and cons of various solutions.  Here, we’ll keep our focus to components and software with which we are intimately familiar with and that we’ve used in past projects, in areas that are most commonly of interest.  These are:

  1. Means of Communication;
  2. Processing Power: the brains of your project; and
  3. User Interface, Sensing the outside world and Production

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