What we do

Design and Tech Consultation

Whether you want an analysis of the best components, architecture or approach, or you are at the stage of determining whether a product is even feasible, our experience and expertise will help you get everything right the first time around.

Research & Development

Looking to measure and extract unique features of a system?  Hoping to find a way to reduce power usage or increase throughput?  Looking for an in-depth analysis and contrasting of different approaches to solving a problem?


Or just want to build a better app?


We do R&D that leads to results, and document the process in ways that guarantee clear knowledge transmission and make grant and R&D subsidies (e.g. SRED) easier to unlock.

Schematic Capture & PCB Layout

Making cool machines is what we live for.


Whether it’s a simple circuit or a set of interconnected multi-layered boards, we handle it all with the same dedication to excellence.


See the portfolio for a few examples.

PCB Assembly, Prototyping and Manufacturing

Wether it’s a tiny number of prototype boards or a full-fledged production run, we’ll help you fabricate and assemble your creations.


The portfolio highlights a number of fabricated and assemble printed circuit boards.

How we do it

We work with you every step of the way to find the right balance between trade-offs, address all your concerns and get the solution right the first time around.


Great insight into how we proceed, and some useful hints, can be garnered from our various HOWTO guides, available online.

Begin Creating Now

During a (free!) 30 minute consultation, we can evaluate your project, answer questions, provide guidance and valuable feedback.

Don’t hesitate: get in touch today.

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