EVO-All datalink library

If you want to act as a remote-starter or otherwise control vehicles, the EVO-All modules provide a simple 4-wire datalink that allows you to do so on a whole lot of different car and truck models. To make communicating with the EVO-All easy, the EvoLink library–which runs or Arduino and is designed to be easily […]

Bluetooth Low Energy: dev board and tutorials

The newish BLE (Bluetooth 4/Low Energy/Smart) allows for fast connections between mobile devices while being extremely energy-conscious: devices can be powered by single cell lithium batteries and stay powered a whole lot longer than before. If you’re interested in interacting with the newer iPhones and Androids, you’ll want to check out this tech and the […]

Visible Light Colour Processor: Released as OSS

A new hardware project–A.C.I.D. — has been released on the electronics projects site. ACID allows you to “hear all the colours of the rainbow” by using a TCS3200 to convert the visible light spectrum into distinct sound combinations. A brief intro is in the video below and all the source and details of building the […]

New Release: VaRGB library

VaRGB is a RGB illumination control library that is completely independent of both the type of lighting used and the platform it is run on and is now available as free software. You tell VaRGB how you want your lighting to behave, and it handles all the details of updating red/green/blue values at the right […]

TinyBrite RGB LED library released

If you want a simple way to use a chain of MegaBrites, ShiftBrites or anything based on the A6281 PWM LED driver , the TinyBrite library will handle all the details for you.  Best of all it doesn’t need SPI, so you can drive the RGB LEDs even with ATTiny-based Arduino-compatible hardware like the Digistump […]

Druid4Arduino released!

Druid4Arduino, automatic/configuration-free graphical user interface for Arduino projects, has been released as open source software. With Druid4Arduino, any SerialUI-based embedded device now has its own custom GUI, without any additional work required (on Windows and Linux). Check out the project page to learn more and download Druid, or take a look of it in action: […]

SerialUI Library Released as Open Source

The SerialUI library, which allows you to setup a hierarchy of menus, each of which can provide access to sub-menus and commands on any Arduino-powered device, has been released! It has built-in support for navigation through the menus and on-line help. Check it out on the SerialUI project page.  

Electronics projects site launched

A new site, flyingcarsandstuff.com, has been launched and it will be the home for all of our open sourced/open hardware electronics-related projects. Visit the site and let us know how you like it!