EVO-All datalink library

evoallIf you want to act as a remote-starter or otherwise control vehicles, the EVO-All modules provide a simple 4-wire datalink that allows you to do so on a whole lot of different car and truck models.

To make communicating with the EVO-All easy, the EvoLink library–which runs or Arduino and is designed to be easily ported to any microcontroller that supports C++ code–is now available as open source (GPLed) and under dual-licensing for commercial products.

Check it out on the project site.


Bluetooth Low Energy: dev board and tutorials

The newish BLE (Bluetooth 4/Low Energy/Smart) allows for fast connections between mobile devices while being extremely energy-conscious: devices can be powered by single cell lithium batteries and stay powered a whole lot longer than before.

If you’re interested in interacting with the newer iPhones and Androids, you’ll want to check out this tech and the just-published Bluetooth Low Energy tutorial, which includes explanations, code and a breakout board for the BLE112 that you can experiment with or include in your projects.

New Release: VaRGB library

VaRGB is a RGB illumination control library that is completely independent of both the type of lighting used and the platform it is run on and is now available as free software.

vargb overview

You tell VaRGB how you want your lighting to behave, and it handles all the details of updating red/green/blue values at the right time for you.

See it in action, in the video below, and check out the VaRGB project page for all the details.